Kameleon™ Demo Download

On this page you can download the free Kameleon™ Demo install file. At the moment the demo is available in English language only. The size of the download file is 37M. If you prefer to receive a demo on CD please contact our sales director

Please make sure to download the demo for your geographic region so it will contain the proper contact information. Once the demo has been downloaded to your computer you should double click it to start the automatic installation of the demo.

System requirements:
You will need a Windows™ compatible PC with any Intel™ Pentium™ or Celeron™ or compatible processor. A clock speed of at least 300 MHz is reccomended. A minimum of 64M RAM is required to run the demo, allthough we reccomendd 256M for proper speed of current versions of Windows™. You will need 80M of available harddisk space for installing and running the demo.

The demo was designed to install and run on Micro$oft ™Windows™ 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. We cannot guarantee and have not tested compatibility with any older or newer version of M$ Windows™.

Download Kameleon™ Demo for Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and the former USSR [37 M]

Download Kameleon™ Demo for the Americas, Eastern Asia and the Pacific region [37 M]

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